Please feel free to send suggestions for therapists, coaches, grants, resources and more. This list is by no means complete and we are always happy to add to it.



1. Shady Grove Fertility (Dr. Sasson & Team) - USA
2. Create Fertility (Dr. Librach & Team) - Toronto, Canada
3. Sher Institute (Dr. Jeffrey Wang, Dr Sher & Team) - USA
4. Hannam Fertility in Toronto
—-there are so many - these are just a few!

1. IVF Funding in Canada (get your free round!)
2. IVF Funding in Ontario
3. Shared Risk Programs (money back guarantees). Shady Grove, Create (inquire during consult)
4. Baby Quest
5. List of Grants (mainly in US)

1. Dogus Fertility Clicic in Cyprus (International clinic)
2. Embryo Adoption
3. Fertility Support Groups in Canada or US.
4. California Cryobank (sperm bank but does not ship to Canada)
5. Resolve (infertility organization & support)
6. Path2Parenthood (infertility organization & support)
7. Choice Moms (single moms by choice)
8. Choice Parents Toronto (choice parents)
9. Breastfeeding during Fertility
10. International Breastfeeding Centre - Dr. Jack Newman (you can email him!)
11. Gay Center New York - Family Support
12. LGBT Center Toronto - Family Services
13. Adoptive Family Magazine
14. The Dave Thomas Foundation  (Adoption Through Foster Care in US)
15. Fostering through Children’s Aid (Ontario)
16. IVF Traveler (very helpful people!)
17. Parents via Egg Donation
18. Donor Sibling Registry
19. We Are Egg Donors (Co-founded by three Egg Donors and advocates for egg donor’s rights, policies and experiences)
20. Fairfax Cryobank (great US sperm bank that does ship to Canada)
21. Breastfeeding during Fertility Treatments
22. Donor Egg Bank (Good for both US & Canada - and maybe Europe too!). I recommend getting a good fertility doctor to help you through it, like Dr. Sassoon at Shady Grove because not all eggs are frozen equally. He knows the labs and can tell you which ones to trust. Also, Donor Egg Bank’s guarantee program seems like a good deal).

1. Vegas Baby (Documentary about IVF - on Netflix worldwide)
2. Pregnantish Magazine
3. “Infertile” (New York Comedy Show)
4. Funny infertility memes
5. “Baby Fatwebseries
6. “Baby Stepswebseries


Support - Don’t Do It Alone!


Athena Reich, Family Building Coach

Athena Reich is a fertility and family building coach who specializes in Fertility, LGBTQ, SMC (Single Mom by Choice), and Career Coaching.


Carolyn Berger, LCSW

Carolyn Berger, LCSW has a private practice in New York City and Westchester (NY) that specializes in Fertility, Adoption and All Forms of Family Building. More


Looking to add more support coaches and therapists - please offer suggestions!